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"Queen Rosa" (BIO)*None of the GOATS are for sale at this time*

"Queen Rosa" (BIO)*None of the GOATS are for sale at this time*

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Every Herd needs a Matriach and this is her. Rosa, our oldest, is Bella's mom, and the whole reason we know anything about goats and how they work. Rosa is an excellent worker and manages to do it while keeping the rest of the crew in line. She may appear pushy or downright bossy but we like to call it excellent leadership skills. 


    We believe Rosa is an Alpine goat. She and Bella were the originators of the crew and we are learning more from her every day. Rosa is an excellent eater, milk producer, mother and crew leader. 


    Rosa's returns are endless, but include comical antics, head rubs, and lessons in GOAT management. 


    Rosa will lead the crew into the GOAT COACH, and probably out of it too. 

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