Let Us Be Your (Land) Scape Goats

Sustainable, Low Impact Grazing Service.

Focused on Defensible Space, Hazardous Fuel loading and Brush and Weed reduction. "We are not Kidding around!" Our G.G.O.A.Ts (Goats Grazing On All Terrain) can effectively reach areas that are difficult to maintain with regular equipment. Our "Capri environmental weed control" is Chemical free and low emission. Property treatments are environmentally friendly, effective, and fun! We pride ourselves on taking care of mother earth and your land while "leaving tiny footprints, and fertilizer behind". "We've got your Goat!" See our "Amazing Graze" for yourself! Tree Trimming and dead tree removal also available for an additional fee. **Please call for a quote rather than booking online, we are doing our best to keep up with demand!**- quotes provided by neighbors on Nextdoor. Thank you all!