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How do you keep the Goats Safe?

There are certainly hazards involved in grazing livestock in the East Mountains of NM. The GOATS keep their horns for the most part and they are full sized, plus their natural herding instinct, makes them a force most predators won't reckon with. The Goatherd will remain on site in most situations unless he feels they are completely secure.

What do you charge?

The current rate is $400/day session. Sometimes the goats get hot, there's lightning in the area or other environmental factors involved. In these cases we can spread the 8 hours over a couple of days on your schedule. We believe our prices are comparable to other landscaping services and come with the bonus of less environmental impact, fertilizer instead of pesticides, and the joy of working land with livestock. We hope you will find the experience well worth it.

What is the best season for G.G.O.A.T treatment?

The G.G.O.A.T.s will treat whatever is producing in the current season. Spring, Summer and Fall will probably get the best results for weed and brush reduction.

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